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2 NDC MPs who may not return to parliament in 2025

When delegates of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) go to the polls on Saturday, May 13, 2023, to cast their votes for their parliamentary and presidential candidates, they would be aiming to solidify their place as a party in waiting to take over the reigns of power, or maybe not.

The outcome of the polls will be the determinant of whether or not the main opposition party is ready enough to become the alternative government for Ghanaians, as it claims to be.

While the focus will primarily be on the three individuals aiming to lead the party into the 2024 general elections as its presidential candidate, GhanaWeb has identified that there may be a few Members of Parliament who may make bigger headlines.

Based on the constituencies these MPs represent in parliament, and falling on existing data and trends that have almost always not been disputed or broken, GhanaWeb has determined that these lawmakers may not be returning to represent their constituents in the next constituted parliament.

Of course, this is not a writeup that is only stating the obvious; the obvious that these MPs have declared their non-interest in standing again, but it is purely based on age-old structures that have seen a repeated trend.

Additionally, having had these trends in existence, it becomes very difficult for persons who represent these areas to say with a lot of confidence that they can break the ‘system’ and prove all critics wrong.

Until such a thing happens for the first time, here is the list of constituencies and their Members of Parliament who GhanaWeb believes may not return to Parliament House in 2025.

It must, however, be stated that this analysis is not based on the performance of these MPs, or from any recently-conducted surveys or similar scientific works, but purely based on historical trends in those constituencies.

Mohammed Adamu Ramadan, Adentan constituency:

The MP for Adenta, Mohammed Adamu Ramadan, is currently being fiercely contested by a former Minister of Gender, Nana Oye Bampoe Addo, and Linda Awuni, a youth activist.

While it may seem like it is merely the competition that may not see Ramadan return to parliament in 2025, the trend in this constituency is one that shows that no candidate has ever retained the seat for his party.

This constituency too, unlike others that may be described as purely aligned to particular political parties, is not so.

In the Adentan constituency, there have been representations from both the National Democratic Congress and the ruling New Patriotic Party.

Benjamin Ayiku Nartey, Ledzokuku constituency:

The NDC MP for Lezokuku, Benjamin Ayiku Nartey, may just fall victim too in the coming internal elections of his party.

Being the first MP for the area whose political party is not in government, should he win his re-election bid to represent his party in the constituency, there is possibility that he could not make it through the general elections of 2024.

Again, this is a constituency that is ‘notorious’ for not maintaining any candidate beyond one term in parliament.

Just like Adenta, Ledzokuku has also been represented by members of both the NDC and the NPP.

Already, the former MP, on the ticket of the NPP, Dr. Bernard Okoe-Boye, is confident he can reclaim the seat from the NDC

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