2024 Election: We won’t go to court – NDC

The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, has said the party will not depend on the courts to achieve victory in the 2024 general election.

He stated that the party would marshall all competencies of loyal members, with properly trained polling agents who would not yield to bribery or corruption in order to secure victory.

Mr Kwetey, who was speaking in an interview with the Daily Graphic, emphasised the importance of accurate collation of results and ensuring that every level of the party did its job.

“You heard our flag bearer, John Dramani Mahama, declare that this time around we are not going to leave our destiny in the hands of the law courts. So, it effectively means that we have to get to the field and ensure that before the final whistle, we have won and won convincingly,” he said.


The NDC General Secretary called on the Electoral Commission (EC) to assure Ghanaians of its neutrality and responsibility to conduct free and fair elections without bias towards any political party.

He emphasized that the EC’s job was to ensure a fair process, and not to help any party to win power.

“I will say a lot needs to be done on the part of the EC. It owes us a responsibility to assure the people of Ghana that its business is simply, to be a very neutral and impartial arbiter and allow the people of Ghana to make that decision.

“The EC should not feel it is its obligation to help anybody to win power. That is not their job. We are not asking for help on our part. We are saying that don’t help anybody, do your job, and let the decision of the people of Ghana stand,” Mr Kwetey said.

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Mr Kwetey called on party members and the electorate to prioritise the interest of the country above personal issues, as the country approached the general elections.

He said the upcoming elections were not just about the NDC, but “a fight for the country’s soul and future”.

He urged Ghanaians to come together to oust the current regime, which he accused of economic mismanagement, insensitivity, deception, lawlessness, corruption and selfishness.

The NDC General Secretary stressed the need for unity and loyalty, saying: “This is the moment to rise up and ensure utmost loyalty to the party and country.”

“We must put the higher interest of party and country above ourselves,” he added

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