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A Nigerian in Ghana sentenced10 years in jail

Pascal Okafor Ezugwu, a 32-year-old Nigerian, was found guilty of trying to smuggle 90 thumb-sized cocaine pellets weighing 1.54 kg, and the High Court sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

Okafor Ezugwu was fined ten thousand penalty units and given a minimum term of ten years of hard labor on Friday, May 3, 2024.

He faces an extra three years in prison if he doesn’t pay the fine. The exhibit is to be destroyed under the observation of the state prosecutors, defense attorneys, and court registrar, as per the court’s directive.

As Mr. Okafor Ezugwu was getting ready to board a flight to Hanoi, Vietnam, on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, NACOC officers took him into arrest at Kotoka International Airport. He had evidence of drugs in his pee, according to a test.

Later, while being observed by the police, he ejected a total of ninety-nine thumb-sized pellets; a field test on the pellets revealed that they contained cocaine.

After being taken into custody, he was charged with three counts of drug charges, including money laundering, attempted narcotics exporting, and illegal possession. Following his arraignment before the Accra High Court’s Criminal Court Division, Mr. Ezugwu entered a guilty plea to each of the three counts, so being found guilty based solely on his own plea.

A NACOC representative responded to the sentence by restating the organization’s dedication to shielding the public from the use and trafficking of illegal narcotics. “We are committed to safeguarding public safety by opposing the trafficking and consumption of illegal drugs,” the representative declared.

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The Commission stressed that Act 1019 of the Narcotics Control Commission Act 2020’s provisions 40 (1) and 41 (1) continue to forbid the use, possession, and transit of illegal narcotics without a valid permit.

The NACOC spokeswoman continued in a press release, “We urge the general public to be aware of the consequences and risks associated with such activities.”

The ruling by the High Court makes a clear statement about the grave repercussions of drug trafficking and the continuous fight against illegal drugs.

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