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A/R: 3-month pregnant 15yr old lady found dəad with body parts missing (VIDEO)

A three-month pregnant woman has discovered her dad in a bush in Konongo, Ashanti Region.

The young lady, 15 years old and pregnant, was discovered father with parts of her body removed by the suspected Sakawa boys.

A young man who went to the bush near a school to relieve himself discovered the body and called the police, who rushed to the scene.

Safowaah Christabel, the lady, was naked and holding a stick in her mouth.

The state of her lifeless body led residents to believe she was k!lled by Sakawa boys.

According to local legend, three men came looking for her the day before she was discovered, but she was not present.

They suspected the guys knew something about her death.

Unfortunately, they killed her in a bush and removed some of her body parts.

Watch the video below:

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