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Alleged Nigerian thief beaten to pulp at Nungua

An alleged Nigerian thief popularly known as “work them” has been subjected to severe beatings last night at Nungua-Barrier along the Queensland International Primary School stretch for allegedly stealing an electric iron.

The suspect, who had severe machete and knife wounds, was lying helpless this morning at the time of filing this report.

It was alleged that “work them” was captured during the late hours of yesterday night when he was allegedly caught red-handed stealing a pressing iron.

According to some residents, they were happy after seeing one of the alleged syndicates who has been terrorising them caught and beaten.

They hint that for the past couple of months, thieves and robbers have been attacking them in their homes and shops, making life quite unbearable for them.

In an interview on robbery cases in the area, a businesswoman and resident, Mildred Agyabeng, indicated that the activities of the robbing syndicates have compelled some of them to close their shops as early as 11pm for fear of attack.

She opined that more often than not, these miscreants attack their shops with knives and steal items without people noticing because of the crafty nature with which they engage in their trade.

“Nungua is a fast-growing community, and within the 11 p.m.–5 a.m. business hours, business activities flourish perfectly. However, with the operations of these syndicates, I’m not able to sell my goods beyond 11 p.m. Besides, if you dare try to go beyond the time, you would find yourself to blame,” she indicated.

For his part, the alleged thief, “work them” when interrogated by this reporter said his only crime was that he picked an iron around the vicinity only to be beaten.

He added that some youth in the area used machetes, knives, and other sharp objects to cut his thigh, ankle, hand, and other sensitive parts of his body, making him unable to stand on his feet while sipping an energy drink a good Samaritan bought for him.

“My only crime is that I saw an iron and decided to pick it up. Before I could realise it, a group of energetic young boys had surrounded me with cutlasses, knives, sticks, and other dangerous objects. I was cut from my knee level through my chest, thighs, hands, and other parts of my body. Currently, I’m unable to stand on my feet,” he stated.

There was only one police officer at the scene. However, the suspect was left at the mercy of the sun as no vehicle wanted to convey him to the nearest hospital before bringing him back to police custody for investigation.

As of 12pm, the suspect was still lying helpless as motorists passed and took pictures of him.


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