Assin Fosu: 33-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of mother for alleged rituals

The Central North Regional Police Command in Assin Fosu has arrested a 33-year-old woman for attempting to kill her biological mother for alleged rituals.

The victim, Theresah Amoah, 59, a resident of Assin Dansame in the Assin North district explained to Rich FM’s Adwoa Adwoa Benyiwaa Kwanimaa who also reports for Onua FM that her daughter, the suspect, Joyce Amoabeng a.k.a. Marfowaa, sneaked into her bedroom around 10:30 pm to strangle her neck and covered her mouth and nose in an attempt to suffocate her to death.

Whilst she struggled to shout for help, the suspect pulled her down and attempted to twist her neck but their entrenched struggle attracted a woman who was passing by the house and a teenage boy in the house.

Out of curiosity, they entered the room where they met a woman wearing a face mask and jalabia struggling with the elderly woman.

Their intervention led to the fleeing of the suspect. However, in the course of running, the hoodie of the jalabia was removed from her head, there, they noticed it was the victim’s biological daughter who had earlier informed the family she was traveling to Accra.

The victim after the incident, says she has not been able to sleep well.

Reports further indicate they found a small bag belonging to the suspect containing a medical bandage, syringe and nyanya leaves which is alleged would have been used to perform rituals on the victim.

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