Ayisha Modi is an ingrate; I regret helping her – US-based Ghanaian

Popular among the Ghanaian community in Connecticut, Lydia Asante, AKA Ginger, has disclosed that she regrets helping socialite Ayisha Modi while she stayed in the US.

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Ginger mentioned that she sheltered Ayisha Modi and helped her start life in the US, but Ayisha never showed gratitude. She added that it is one of her biggest regrets in her life.

“I cry whenever it comes to mind. I accepted her into my house, and she was never grateful. It is my biggest regret. I helped her whole life, but she was never thankful for it.

In response to whether Ayisha was her best friend, Ginger stated that “she’s my little girl. She’s a baby, but you know she’s a talker. I don’t want to talk about her.”

Moreover, Ginger mentioned that Ayisha’s action was a big shock to her. As a result, she stopped wholeheartedly helping others even though she helps when she has to.

“I still help people, but I won’t bring them into my house to stay. If you come, I’ll come to get you and make you feel comfortable, but I won’t stay with you. I will put a distance between us,” Ginger told DJ Nyaami.

She advised others to be vigilant of the people they help. According to her, one red flag is an indication to “run from the person.”

Ginger Corbel became popular in the US for being in a relationship with Bright of Buk Bak fame. Reports indicated that Bright dumped her for his ex-girlfriend after six years.

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