Buaben Asamoa list Hopeson Adorye’s ‘crime’

Former Adentan Member of Parliament Yaw Buaben Asamoa has charged that Hopeson Adorye’s detention on May 22 amounts to a political witch hunt by the administration.

Some have called for Adorye’s arrest in response to his recent statements of setting off dynamite during the 2016 general elections in opposition areas.

The news of his arrest broke late on Wednesday night.

In an interview with Joy FM, Buaben Asamoa confirmed the arrest and stated that Adorye was being held at the Ministries Police Station on accusations of disseminating fake information.

“Hopeson Adorye is not about to run away from Ghana or from his home because the police intend to charge him with the publication of false information.

“So, to go to the extent of keeping him all day in the police station and bringing him over to the Ministries to detain him, you point fingers backward at yourself that there is something political at play and it’s not fair,” he said.

“This is obviously politically motivated, there is no doubt about that,” he emphasized.

Adorye’s and Buaben’s party, the Movement for Change (M4C), followers, flocked to the police station in the meantime, demanding that either he be released or all of the supporters present be detained.

Because Hopeson Adorye claimed to have detonated dynamites in the Volta Region during the 2016 General Elections, the police have reportedly detained him.

In an Accra radio broadcast, Mr. Adorye made an allegation that has since gone viral.

He’s under arrest right now.

“Mr. Adorye will appear before the court but is now under serious investigation,” a trustworthy source informed Peacefmonline.

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Now a prominent figure in Alan Kyerematen’s Movement for Change, Hopeson Adorye provided information about an operation he oversaw to keep purported Togolese nationals from casting ballots in the 2016 general elections.

Hopeson Adorye stated in an interview with Onua TV on May 16, 2024, that the explosives-using operation he oversaw took place entirely inside the boundaries of Togo, not Ghana.

He claimed to have assembled a team and driven them to Togo in order to interact with the traditional leaders of Ghanaian border areas and persuade them to talk to their people in order to prevent them from crossing to cast ballots in the 2016 elections.

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