Castrate child sex offenders – Girl Child Advocate

A girl child advocate, Esther Addo, known widely as “Celebrity Teacher,” has appealed to the government to introduce drastic punishment for men who defile teenagers.

She said that when castration is introduced as a punishment, many men will be deterred from replicating the act.

Speaking in a phone interview with Max Morning Dew on Thursday, the advocate, who is also a teacher, observed that many girls’ lives were ruined due to some unscrupulous men who could not zip their pants.

She said those older men had set their eyes on small girls and were luring them with material things to get them to bed.

Esther indicated that the current teenagers had a strong desire for material things and were pressured by their peers, hence giving in to those unscrupulous men just to adjust to their economic hardships.

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She noted that some were coming from broken homes and were not given the needed care and training, which in turn exposed them to the pressures in society.

That, she said, had increased teenage pregnancies and school dropouts, making them a burden to society and the country as a whole.

Source: Ghana/MaxTV/MaxFM/ Natally Cudjoe

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