Chaos as Abena Korkor set to release a new list of men who have slept with her

Controversial socialist Nana Abena Korkor Addo has insisted on releasing a long list of male celebrities she says have done their best amid a new social media attack.

With a tragic history of being part of a relapse, Avena Korkor, from politicians to musicians to actors, has taken another turn in the wrong direction.

Her victims got goosebumps when she threatened to release an updated list of men she had sex with.

Abena Korkor has deleted this interesting post with the caption “Loading new list”.

Avena Korkor is currently making waves on social media because fans were least expecting her to return after a long social media hiatus. In another post, Abena Koko wrote, “Don’t let anyone stop you from telling the truth. If the characters in your story wanted a prestigious award, they did something prestigious.” I guess,” posted Helen.

She has vowed to expose these people, who have earned her great social esteem, committing all kinds of cruelty, including sleeping with her in the dark.

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