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Chaos as Interior minister secretary Millicent nudes leaks online

Millicent Omanga, Kenya’s Interior Chief Administrative Secretary, has taken over social media trends in her undies.

A close source claims that the video was shot by a notorious politician named Governor Mike Sonko.

Sonko allegedly paid a visit to Omanga’s home while her husband was away on official business.

He recorded the video without her permission and saved it in order to blackmail her in the future.

Sonko is rumored to be jealous after President Ruto appointed Omanga to the position of Interior CAS.

He expected Ruto to appoint him as a CAS, and when he didn’t get the top government job, he devised a scheme to bring Omanga down.

He allegedly has more videos that he is planning to leak to damage Omanga’s reputation.

Watch the video HERE.

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