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E/R: Angry Amoako Atta impels illegal miners to wash mud on road

Furious Minister of Roads and Highways Kwasi Amoako Atta forced two illegal miners to wash and clean mud left on portions of the tarred Akrofufu to Twapease road in Atiwa West District in the Eastern region.

The Minister and his New Patriotic Party (NPP) constituency executives were returning from a funeral in Twapease over the weekend when they noticed illegal miners moving an excavator with a low bird truck vehicle from their mining site near the roadside, muddying the entire stretch of road and causing heavy traffic.

The Minister, who is also a Member of Parliament for Atiwa West, became enraged and got out of his vehicle, ordering his bodyguard (a police officer) to arrest the illegal miners and seize their equipment.

Some of the illegal miners escaped, but two were caught.

The illegal miners were forced to wash and clean mud from the road for about a kilometer.

They were later turned over to the Kwabeng Police for further investigation.

Amoako Atta stated that the illegal miners’ activities have caused destruction to the shoulders and embarkment of a road recently constructed by the government with significant financial investment.

He demanded that the excavators’ and low bird Program’s owners be arrested.

He declared zero tolerance to Galamsey in the area, stating that he will work with the District Chief Executive for the area and the police to crack down on all illegal miners beginning this week.

He stated that the President has demonstrated sufficient commitment by putting his presidency on the line to combat this scourge, and that anyone involved in galamsey, whether politician or chief, must be arrested and prosecuted.



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