Fools grow old too – Edem Agbana ‘slaps’ KT Hammond for attacking Ghanaian youth

The National Deputy Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Eric Edem Agbana has hauled the Member of Parliament for Adansi Asokwa, Kwabena Tahir Hammond over the coals for a statement that sought to denigrate and belittle the Ghanaian youth.

stung the lawmaker in a social media post for still wallowing in the archaic mentality that wisdom is the preserve of the aged.

In a Facebook post, DailyNewsGhana.com sighted he said he is trying hard not to write anything after listening to K.T Hammond’s distasteful comments.

He wrote: “I’m trying hard NOT to write what’s on my mind after listening to K.T Hammond’s distasteful comments about the youth. On a day like this, I recall an inscription on a taxi I saw recently. It reads ‘FOOLS GROW OLD TOO’ . Goodnight !!”.

Source: DailyNewsGhana.com/2022

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