Ghanaian boy goes mad in USA after abandoning his girlfriend who supported his travel in Ghana

James, a Ghanaian living in the United States, has gone insane after being cursed by his ex-girlfriend.

The USA-based Ghanaian guy, who was cursed by his ex girlfriend for dumping her after his relocation abroad, has gone mad.

In early July 2023, a nurse sat in the rain, cursing her ex-boyfriend, for whom she took out a loan to help finance his relocation to the United States.

The cursed girl took a loan of GH¢50,000 to assist James with his travel plans, hoping that he would work and pay when he settled in the USA.

James got to the USA and found a new girl, so he blocked the nurse on all social media platforms.

The pain led the nurse to invoke curses on him, which he rubbished after the video went viral.

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