Ghanaian lesbian YouTuber, Ama narrates her first time ‘doing it’ with a 30yr old woman

Ama Governor, a Ghanaian lesbian and one of Ghana’s vibrant YouTubers has detailed her first time having s3x with a woman.

Ama Governor

According to the YouTuber, the lady she had her first time with was 27 year old and it happened within January and February, 2020. Describing more about this person, Ama said she is called Davi and owns a Made In Ghana clothing line on Instagram.

Ama Governor revealed that Davi was launching a product and held a giveaway on IG in the form of invitation to the launch and she joined.

Ama stated that at the party, she had conversation with her and that was where she noticed she was also into girls.

According to Ama Governor’s account, in a video monitored by us, she was at the Pentagon Hostel in Legon, and although having a guy who satisfies her when she wants it, she still wanted to try it with a woman.

Ama Governor went naughty as she narrated the day she had her first time with a woman and how her boyfriend nearly bumped into them.

Ama Governor went on to say that following her first encounter with the woman, she has had two more encounters with different women.

Ama Governor, a lesbian, claimed that her mother is homophobic, and the two maintain their peace by avoiding discussing LGBT and homophobic topics.

Watch the video below:


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