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Ghanaian man in U.S. kills himself after losing his wife to suicide

A young Ghanaian man living in the United States, who recently lost his wife to suicide, has evoked a lot of talk and reactions online after he also took his life in a very controversial way.

Nana Edd, as his Facebook profile displays, and who is believed to have hailed from the Ashanti region, wrote a post on Friday, March 11, 2022, at exactly 2:24pm, from his base in Columbus, Ohio, announcing his plan to ‘exit’ this world and join his late wife.

“Guys!!! I’m checking out today, I love you all. I will see all the love ones someday… the love is deep.. .. my wife is waiting. I’m happy to reunite.,” the post read.

After this, several people online started sharing mixed messages of condolences to him, as it turned out he killed himself right after the message.

Also, many online users started drawing attention to why he took his own life.

He had recently lost his wife under circumstances that are not clear yet.

“Please help bring my dear wife home and also my son. I have lost the love of my life. May God help me stay strong because I don’t know how I’m going to live this life alone with my son. RIP my dear wife. You will always be my true love and no one can replace that. I love you!! ,” Nana Edd wrote on February 18.

What is however known for a fact is that there was a GoFundMe account created in an attempt to get his late wife back ‘home’, with their son.

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While it is unclear where she died, the description in the GoFundMe account stated that they wanted to be able to bring her body to the United States for burial.

“Hi love one’s first I like to start off with saying thank you everyone for y’all condolences during this difficult time shamperia was loved by many and left mark on a lot of lives this passing was very unexpected and with her living overseas she is very far from home and family we make this to get her and her son back home to the United States so we can properly lay a beautiful soul to rest anything will help and is very grateful nothing is to big or small and again thank you so much Also in the event that you don’t have access to Gofundme you can Cash App $KBlessed25 make sure to put it in as a gift thanks in advance and we appreciate any Blessing,” the description read.

The two are survived by a son.

See photos of some of the posts, some comments shared by users on Facebook here:

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