Hajia 4 Real’s Romance Scam: Nana Agradaa in hot waters

Social media users have attacked former fetish priestess turned evangelist, Nana Agradaa, after jumping to the defence of Hajia 4 Real following her arrest.

Hajia was extradited from the UK to the U.S. for her role in a romance fraud scheme which defrauded dozens of elderly Americans out of millions.

She’s been charged on six counts of fraud, money laundering and conspiracy and faces a long time in prison.

Since Hajia’s arrest, many people have been jumping to her defence, particularly her fellow celebrities.

Aside from Shatta Wale, Nana Agradaa has also decided to add her voice to Hajia’s defence.

However, her plea for Ghanaians to go it easy on Hajia was rubbished by netizens who noted that Agradaa is defending Hajia only because she’s also been a fraudster all her life.

“Defending her classmate” one netizen wrote.

Another said: “The way she has abusua is the same way the people she scammed also has abusua oo Mama Pat. I’m sure s3 nka she scammed you or a close family member aa nka the narrative would have been different. No one is happy she’s in a mess but the bottom line is don’t do what will land you in trouble,”

Watch Agradaa below:

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