Have s3x but, not because of job opportunity – Nana Aba Anamoah tell Ladies

Acclaimed English journalist Nana Aba Anamoah has counseled young ladies not to give in to men’s solicitations on a se.xual level in return for employment or other professional advancements.

In an appearance on 3Music TV, she emphasized that these concessions not only allow women to be abused or taken advantage of but also destroy their sense of dignity and self-worth.

“Some guys just believe that’s the only way they can demonstrate their authority… Do not have sex with a male if you are a young girl and you find yourself in such circumstances, the television journalist said.

“I had s.ex with a man, but it’s not written on my forehead, so nobody will know,” a female informed me. Indeed, but it’s your honor. You’ve lost your self-esteem if you want to have s.ex with a man, she said, but don’t do it because there’s a chance to get something.

She firmly feels that any woman in such a position should not risk it, even if she has never had a male offer her such an ultimatum at work. She further mentioned that, contrary to popular belief, the young ladies in these circumstances cannot be held responsible.

“It is not their fault. If you say watch ‘how you carry yourself,’ then you are apportioning some blame to the young women,” she remarked, addressing the inclination to hold young women accountable for these situations. “This girl is competent, but I have to get into her pants before she gets the job,” believes a crazy guy.

Thus, the young lady is not at fault,” she said. “It goes without saying that you will face so many obstacles that you will eventually need employment and money. But I want to make sure every young lady knows that it’s not a good idea to trade sex for a job,” she noted

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