Help let vote out NPP – NDC charges Volta youth

The Volta Regional Youth Wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), led by Mr Mathias Johnson Alagbo (Kabila), has commended the thousands of newly registered voters in the region for participating in the voter registration exercise.

In a statement released today, Kabila expressed delight at the unprecedented turnout of young people who have taken the initiative to register and exercise their democratic right to vote. He attributed this to “the growing momentum and enthusiasm among the youth for the NDC’s vision and ideals for rescuing the country from the ICU.”

“We are thrilled to see so many young people taking an active interest in shaping their future and the future of our great country,” Kabila said. “Your participation is crucial in determining the direction of our region and country. We appreciate your decision to register and reject the incumbent NPP government, which has made unemployment a flagship program.

“Fellow young people of my dear region and country, you have the NPP, whose candidate for the upcoming election is the current vice president of our country; a candidate who has helped for almost eight years now, in bringing to our country a period of unspeakable misery, economic decline, mass poverty, massive insecurity, monumental job losses, disunity, and injustice.

“A party under whose watch, our country has witnessed a frightening descent into anarchy, multidimensional crises and economic meltdown and he is unfortunately going around shamelessly promising you what he described as a bold solution.

“We must shine our eyes to choose [the] track-record leader of the NDC over [the] King Promise of the NPP,” Kabila said in an address to the media.

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