I need help: I have been sleeping with my brother’s wife – Young man confesses (VIDEO)

A young man has revealed how he has a secret amorous sexual relationship with his brother’s wife and intends to snatch the woman.

He explains that he has been with the lady for the past seven years and he does not even care about what his brother will do when he finds out.

To him, he deserves his brother’s wife because he’s more handsome than his brother and nothing will stop him from taking away his brother’s wife.

The 30-year-old young man feels that what he is doing is right and cannot be questioned.

“I’ve been sleeping with my brother’s wife for close to ten years. I have a son with her and I believe I deserve her. I deserve her because I’m handsome and she’s beautiful. My brother on the other hand is not handsome.

I’m here to get people to advise me on how to get my woman. I was with my brother when they were dating. She was so beautiful and I think I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. When they met I was in school by then. I was in my first year so in my second year, they got married.

Anytime I come home they are there and I feel like I am the one to have this lady and not my brother. I think so because I’m handsome and my brother is not that handsome. He has all the money and he’s good but I think, I was feeling like I deserve the woman. She was flirty with me so I also made the approach and she agreed so it happened one night. My brother is a businessman who travels a lot and does not have time for his wife but I’m here and I’ve all the time and can spend all the time with her. She thinks that if she’s not getting her husband, she has to have me and not anyone else,” he said on Vibes In 5.

The young man whose name was given as Yaw said when he slept with his brother’s wife for the first time he felt it was wrong but as time went on, it became frequent and so it became a normal trend.

He says he feels guilty when he sees his brother but he has set his mind toward having the woman so he does not see anything wrong with having his brother’s wife.

“I’m not ashamed of myself, not for a second. I know he is going to flare up but I don’t care. I am a human being and I have whatever every human has,” he said.

Source: DailyNewsGhana.com/2022

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