I never thought my son would be so great in music – Sarkodie’s father

Sarkodie’s father, Mr Augustine Owusu Addo, has made some admissions regarding what he noticed in his son when he was little and the reasoning for his decision to name him Michael.

Some parents choose to name their children after a friend, a family member, a role model, or just someone they adore.

Mr Owusu Addo said in a brief interview with Max24 TV monitored by Sarkodiegh.com that he didn’t realise Sarkodie would be as successful as he is currently with music when he was a little lad.

He continued by saying that because he was such a huge fan of the late American pop sensation Micheal Jackson, he called his son Micheal.

“As you are aware, Michael Owusu Addo is Sarkodie’s real name. I gave him the name Michael since I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson. He said to the host, “I didn’t realise he was going to be as great in music as he is now.

Mr Owusu continued by saying he was unaware that Sarkodie would become a prominent musician and that he is now happy with how far he has advanced in the music industry.

“When he first started, I really asked him about it, and he said it was only a pastime. However, I soon noticed he continued, and now he is. I am overjoyed, and I hope he does even better.

When asked which of his son’s songs he liked best, he responded with “Brighter Day,” which included Obrafour

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