I will never choose love over career, a man can leave me anytime – Efia Odo

Ghanaian actress and video vixen Efia Odo has disclosed that she will never opt for love or relationship or love over her career.

In an interview on ETV Ghana on Girl Vibes, Efia Odo explained the reason why she will choose her career over a man or love.

According to her, a man can leave you one day if you sacrifice your career for them, hence will choose her career over men.

“I’m not gonna leave my career for love because that man can leave me one day and I’m going to regret not doing what I love to do. You’ve got to live your dream because a man or a woman or anybody told you not to, bye Boo. There’s a next man waiting for me at the door”.

The host, Mercy Bee questioned Efia Odo if she thinks it would be difficult for her to find a man who would want to marry her considering her social standards.

Efia disclosed that she does not believe it will be difficult because she believes in love and that whenever she is in a relationship, she does not let allow her celebrity lifestyle to influence her relationship.

Efia Odo added that every foundation of every relationship started from communication. She said that she believes a relationship can work out and even get to the extent of marriage if the communication amongst the couple is paramount.

“Put me being an influencer aside. I’m a human being and there are some things that I might do that you might not like and you have to communicate it with me and then we can come to a common ground. I’ve dated people that their communication was lacking and we ended the relationship in three months because we weren’t able to talk to each other”, she said.

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