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I’m a Christian, I don’t have 6 wives, most rumors about me are not true – Dr. Kwaku Oteng

Ghanaian business mogul and chairman of the Angel Group of Companies, Dr. Kwaku Oteng, has refuted allegations he is married to over six (6) wives.

Dr Kwaku Oteng who stated that he is a devoted Christian has explained that about 98 percent of the news published about him are based on fabrications especially those concerning his family and marital issues.

He believes that he has become a target due to his status in society. The wealthy and influential businessman added that people only want to sully one’s reputation once one is regarded as a prominent individual.

“From time to time, I am sure you come across stories that claim have done this or that. I want to stand here today and inform you that most of these stories about me are not true, they are fabricated. Every prominent man is hated for nothing.

“People go about claiming that Director (Dr Kwaku Oteng) has 5 to 6 wives, it is never true. I beg you, just 2% of the things I’m accused of can be true. About 98% are not true, I beg you. Just remember that people only talk about those who are popular,” said Dr Oteng in a viral clip.

He furthered:

“Nobody talks about you when you are an ordinary man. Take a look at the young man surrounding me. We are all not perfect but once it is about me, they will talk about it. I can’t even do a quarter of what these young men do but every day, Dr Kwaku Oteng is being called out for various allegations.”

It would be recalled that the businessman in an interview with Vaultz Magazine in August this year posited that there is more blessing in keeping multiple wives than side chicks.

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“A lot of men in this country who are married have girlfriends or concubines in their numbers. But those of us who are courageous are the ones who bring in the ladies as second or third wives. Some of the men even go to the extent of hiding their biological children because they are born out of wedlock but I don’t do that. For me, when I father a child with a woman, I make it public for all to see. I have experienced that ordeal in the past and so I don’t want that child to go through the same.

“There’s nowhere in the word of God that it’s written that a man should marry one wife. So, it’s not a sin. Moreover, everyone who marries more than one wife experiences God’s blessings because you are catering to the needs of God’s creation. You are taking care of the needs of the woman and her God’s and all these people are God’s creation. So, marrying two or more wives is not a sin,” he was quoted to have said in a report by

Watch Dr. Kwaku Oteng’s interview below:

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