Is Sefa in a relationship, who has she dated, does she have kids?

Who is Sefa dating? Is Sefa married and does she have kids? Who has Sefa dated? A Look at the Love and romantic life of Ghanaian Songstress Sefa.

Afro-pop and Afrobeat singer, Sefa, since breaking into the music industry has treated Ghanaians with her lovely songs and gotten us dancing to his songs. Just as she has captured our hearts with her songs, we want to know which man has captured her heart.

The Ghanaian singer is signed to the record label, Black Avenue Muzik, which is owned by Ghanaian rapper D-Black, who is the CEO of the record label. Sefa has won one major award since coming into the limelight.

Details on Sefa’s Dating History

Ghanaian songstress Sefa is someone who hardly puts her dating and romantic life out in public. Whether she is dating someone or not, it is difficult to tell. She has indicated previously that she is single because she wants to focus on her music. But the question is she dating at the moment?

Sefa has been consistently rumoured to be dating or in a relationship with some Ghanaian celebrities notably her boss, D-Black, Mr Drew and Bisa Kdei.

Did Sefa Ever Date Her Boss, D-Black?

Ghanaians have been speculating that the well-endowed signee of D-Black, Sefa, has been warming the beds of her boss. Ghanaians have always had the perception that female artists have been dating their bosses.

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Well, in an interview with Pulse Ghana, Sefa made it emphatically clear that there is or was nothing going on between herself and her boss, D-Black. She added that D-Black is not the type of man she wants and moreover, she is not D-Black’s type.

D-Black And Sefa

She also indicated that even if there were dating there was nothing wrong because they are two mature and grown adults.

She said;

“We are grown and matured, and I always say, we can have something to do with each other but I always say he is not my spec and I am not his spec and that is what people don’t understand”

Did Sefa Ever Date Bisa Kdei?

Also, Ghanaian songstress Sefa has been rumoured to be dating Ghanaian singer Bisa Kdei. , Bisa Kdei seemed to have confirmed his relationship with Sefa.

Bisa Kdei made the revelation concerning his relationship with Sefa during a Twitter Questions and Answers section where a fan asked him if he was in a relationship with the Black Avenue Muzik signee.

The “Mansa” hitmaker answered in the affirmative suggesting that he is dating her. However, the side of Sefa has not been heard and it is difficult to tell if they really dated.

We shall leave this to your judgement.

Did Sefa Ever Date Mr Drew?

Ghanaian singer Mr Drew opened up about his relationship with Black Avenue Muzik signee, Sefa after consistent rumours that the two had been dating.

In an interview, Mr. Drew indicated that they are only friends and they never thought of getting into an intimate relationship. He added that they admire each other a lot and they would be nothing wrong even if they decided to date.

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This clearly indicates that the two musicians never dated.

Is Sefa Married and does have any kids?

The Black Avenue Muzik signee is not married yet and does not have children of her own at the moment. Perhaps, when the time is right, the singer will get married and have her own kids.

What type of Man is Sefa Looking For?

The “E Choke” singer opened up about the type of man who wants in her life and wants to build a future with.

According to Sefa, she wants a man who is matured, private and corporate. She indicated that well behaved men turns her on, and that the type of man she wants.

She said;

“I want a man who is matured, who is private, a man who dresses well like the corporate type and well behaved men, those men turn me on.”

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