It is difficult for Bawumia to choose a running mate because of his utterances – Nana Ntow

Desmond Nana Ntow Amirekyi, a former National Organiser of the Peoples National Convention (PNC), has stated that Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is facing challenges in selecting a running mate for the 2024 elections because of his utterances.

Amirekyi asserted that Bawumia’s past remarks have created obstacles in his search for a partner for the upcoming elections.

He emphasized that Bawumia’s comments about his role within the government has cast doubt on his willingness to empower his vice president if he were to ascend to the presidency.

Addressing Bawumia’s acknowledgement that his voice was not heard in decision-making processes, likening himself to a “driver’s mate to the president,” on a panel discussion on UTV’s Adekye Nsroma on April 25, 2024, the ex-PNC official submitted:

“It will be difficult for Bawumia to choose a running mate because of his utterances. If you are a vice president and claim that you were just a vice and as a result, your decisions were not factored in the administration then it means that, when you get the opportunity to become president you won’t also allow your vice to function.

“That is why it has become difficult for him to choose his vice president,” he said.

He added, “His own words mean that his vice won’t be useful in his administration because for him as a vice he was not useful in his administration… he is the same person who said he didn’t support the E-Levy …if not for Dr. Bawumia we didn’t know that if you are a vice president, you don’t have a say in the government.”

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