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Kasoa: Man caught red-handed stealing a lady’s pant; beat to a pulp (VIDEO)

A Nigerian man has been caught and beaten after she was confronted by a lady he attempted to steal pants in the refuse bump.

According to the lady, the guy attempted to steal her pant, she noticed after bumping it in the trash can that the guy was walking in that direction and hence she planned to observe what his intentions were.

Lo and behold, the lady narrates that she bumped into the guy taking the pant and hiding it in his pocket.

From the video sighted by, the lady confronted the guy and asked him why and where he was taking the pants to.

From the video, the guy was only begging the lady and her friend until some men came around and beat the man up for such bad habit.

Whatever he was taking the pants to remains a secret to him and I would advise every lady to be mindful and careful on where you hang your washed pants or place your used pads because these days, the boys are trying every means to amass wealth.

Watch the video below:



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