KK Fosu publicly declares his political party

The renowned crooner’s declaration comes in the wake of his release of a new song titled ‘Back to Sender’, which criticizes detractors of Cheddar following a confrontation with the government over the cancellation of his rally at Black Stars Square.

The ‘Odo Nti’ singer, in a bold statement, expressed his allegiance to the New Force Movement, removing his sunglasses to emphasize his sincerity.

“I am a New Force Movement member. I want my face to show while saying this clearly,” he affirmed.

The ideological differences between the New Force Movement and the two main political parties, the NPP and NDC, were further emphasized by KK Fosu. He claims that whereas people in the established political parties are motivated by self-interest rather than the good of the country, members of the New Force Movement are “freedom fighters.”

Speaking about the meaning behind his song, KK Fosu clarified that it is meant to counter those who are trying to discredit the New Force Movement, especially Cheddar, the movement’s leader.

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