Kumawu by-election: NPP is in a comfortable lead – Poll

A closing poll conducted by the Global InfoAnalytics for the Kumawu by-election has shown the governing party’s candidate, Ernest Yaw Anim, taking a commanding lead in the polls, two days before the by-election.

Ernest Yaw Anim led his closest challenger, an independent candidate, 56.5% to 16.8%, according to the Poll.

The main opposition NDC’s candidate, Kwasi Amankwaa, is in third position with 12.1%, Kweku Duah (J), another independent, with 0.6% of votes. 8.7% of voters are undecided
while 5.4% said they will not vote.

“When likely voters’ model is used, Ernest Yaw Anim is likely to obtain 66% of the votes, Kweku Duah, 20%, Kwasi Amankwaa, 14% and Kweku Duah (J), 1%.

“Approximately 36% of voters said they would likely be influenced by the late road projects being undertaken in the constituency,” the poll indicated.

It further found that 65% of voters who said they are likely to be influenced by the project intend to vote for Ernest Yaw Anim and 61% of those who said they are unlikely to be influenced also intend to vote for him.

On the question of whether the government treated the late MP unfairly, only 26% of voters agree while 62% disagree and 12% did not have opinion. Political observers believed the race will be tight as the late MP won his 2020 race marginally.

Additionally, analyst believed that with the current economic crisis, the government could be given a bloody nose with potential threat to its slim majority in parliament if the seat is lost. However, this may not materialise.

The poll which was carried on 20th May 2023 had a sample size of 544.

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