Mahama have you at heart, vote for him – Bright Botchway urges Okada Riders

The National Deputy Director of the Traders and Artisans Network (NDC-TAN), Bright Botchway urged the Okada Riders Association to support the party in the upcoming elections.

Addressing a group of Okada Riders at Adade-Kakraba, Botchway emphasized the commitment of the NDC’s flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama, to creating more job opportunities for unemployed youth.

Botchway detailed Mahama’s ambitious plan to legalize okada operations and make transportation more affordable, particularly by establishing charging stations for electric bikes across every district in the country.

He underscored that each of these stations would necessitate a workforce of no less than five individuals, each with specific roles:

– Technicians (2 Workers): Responsible for maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of the charging equipment to ensure smooth and efficient operation.
– Attendants (3 Workers): Responsible for customer service and operational management, assisting customers with charging their vehicles, handling payment transactions and maintaining cleanliness and safety at the charging station premises.

Botchway highlighted the significant employment potential it holds.

He stressed that With 261 districts in Ghana, establishing 20 charging stations in each district would potentially create over 26,100 jobs.

While Botchway suggested a conservative estimate of 20 charging stations per district, he acknowledged the potential for variation based on population and economic activity. Nevertheless, he asserted that even with this modest projection, the prospects for job creation were significant.

Botchway also emphasized the adaptability of these charging stations, noting their potential for round-the-clock operation to cater to both commuters and businesses alike.

He reiterated the transformative impact of Mahama’s commitments and urged Okada Riders to support the NDC. By aligning with the NDC’s vision, he said the riders would play a pivotal role in realizing a future with enhanced job prospects and improved livelihoods for Ghana’s youth.

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Also, he outlined several key measures proposed by John Mahama to promote the adoption of electric motorbikes, including offering subsidies and incentives, investing in infrastructure development, implementing supportive policies, and encouraging local manufacturing. These measures, he emphasized, would promote the adoption of electric motorbikes, reduce pollution and provide a sustainable transportation option for Ghana.

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