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Man impregnates bestfriend’s daughter as revenge for dating his wife

A man has impregnated his best friend’s daughter after discovering his best friend secretly dating his wife behind his back.

A man described how he successfully impregnated his best friend’s 19-year-old daughter in order to exact revenge on his best friend.

According to the man, his friend, with whom he has lived for the past 15 years, has been seeing his 25-year-old wife.

The best friend, who is 45 years old, secretly dates his wife without his knowledge until he discovered that they exchange nvde.

This prompted him to move in with his friend’s daughter, who was still in university, and to secretly date the young lady.

He had unprotected affairs with the little girl and got her pregnant, prompting the little girl to demand that he marry her as a second wife in addition to his first wife.

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