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Massive Reaction as Black Sherif drops more Illuminati signs

Ghanaian trape rapper, Black Sherif has again sparked a reaction after dropping more Illuminati signs.

Blacko has released photos with hand gestures purported to be satanic signs.

The musician held his two hands in the air with his index finger and little finger pointed.

He held a cigar in one hand and hard liquor in the other.

According to Black Sherif, the photos were taken from his Afronation Concert in Miami.

The award-winning artist recently made headlines after a supposed Illuminati symbol, the Baphomet was projected during his performance at the Palladium Teatre in New York.

Following that, there have been claims that Black Sherif has joined Illuminati for fame and money.

He hasn’t said anything about that but he has dropped more signs and symbols to fuel the allegations.

Check out the photos below, swipe

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