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Mercy Aseidu and Husband opens up on their alleged hook up business

Following the accusations from Kwame Borga on Instagram revealing that veteran actress Oheneyere Mercy Asiedu is into the Hook business, the Agyeman-duah family is very angry and ready to sue him in Court for defamation.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Hello FM in a phone interview, the veteran actress debunked the rumors and tagged them as senseless accusations.

she also descended on the radio host and the media for fueling nonsense in the media space to give people like Kwame Borga the platform to disgrace people.

Also, her husband, Nana Agyeman-duah took the phone from his wife and also affirmed his wife’s fact and even threatened to sue Kwame Borga if he don’t retract such a reckless statement, According to the husband who is also the current chief of kunsu , Kwame Borga is like a son to him, he has helped him before and they are very close so he is very surprised about this behavior, he has my number if there is any issues just call me rather than coming to social media to tell lies, he added.

Last week Oheneyere Mercy Asiedu was accused of operating Hook Up Business by Kwame Borga on Instagram,

According to Kwame Borga, Oheneyere Mercy Asiedu was into Hook up business due to the collapse of the Ghanaian local movie Industry,

This came as a surprise to everyone in the industry due to how close Kwame Borga and the Agyeman-duah family were, Kwame Borga has been working for Oheneyere Mercy Asiedu since 2017 until recently so people are very shocked that this information is coming out from the young man and even some believe it’s out of hatred that he is accusing the veteran actress of as despicable act.

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