Michy holds back her tears on live radio as she talks about fall out with Shatta Wale

Michy questioned Medikal, hooted at him for being ‘Shatta Wale’s buttlicker’, recorded the scene and posted it on social media. It later emerged that she accused the rapper wrongly.

However, Michy is justifying her attack on the rapper as she said there is a history and as a human being, she “spat fire to release stress” rather than suppressing her feelings in the name of being a brand.

Sometimes, let’s put brand aside and be human beings. I’m sitting here, Andy has asked me some questions that have made my feet shake, my hands shake. You know why? I feel like crying but I’m holding it. So far so good, God has guided us but once in a while, I’m human and I want to be allowed to feel human,” she said.

Detailing what happened, she added that “the trigger was the interview. That interview was around February or March. A lot had happened before that and I had been silent. I don’t think he (Medikal) knows the 411 so I would have appreciated it if he never commented. I would have also appreciated it for the history I have with the man. I will not talk about your wife. I owe my son and myself that defence.

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