Moesha Boduong set to unveil her own TV show

Famed Ghanaian actress and socialite, Moesha Buduong, has hinted at coming up with her own show.

According to Moesha, she has realized that she likes to talk a lot hence she’s making plans to cash out big time from her talent.

Appearing as a guest on the Ladies Circle, the controversial figure made this revelation.

“I am coming up with my own show because I’ve realized that I love talking,” she revealed

Moesha, 33, a graduate of the University of Ghana School of Performing Arts who gained fame and notoriety for her curvy body and raunchy photos said she also had plans to relocate to Hollywood to take her socialite career to a global level.

“I have like dreams of moving to L.A to pursue my career being a socialite and meet Kim Kardashian. I’ve had so many invitations to move to L.A and share myself with the world,” she noted

So what can fans expect from Moesha’s show? Well, for starters and what she shared, it will be a platform for her to discuss a variety of topics that are important to her.

However, she also decided to leave the rest of her plans under wraps until everything was finally done.

“There’s so much more but in Ghana if you put all of your plans out there, witches and wizards can latch on it so don’t worry when it’s ready I’ll put all of you on,” she told show hosts.

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