My boyfriend can cheat on me, as long as he has money I’m cool – Sista Afia

Famous Ghanaian singer Sista Afia has reportedly expressed interest in sharing a rich old man, known locally as Sugar Daddy or Papa No with another woman for money.

The act of sharing a rich old man with other women is known as slaying or hook up business and rumor has it that most famous female celebrities are deeply engaged in that trade.

Speaking in a viral interview with MzGee, Sista Afia said she does not blame ladies who date multiple men or old men because the current state of the economy has made life unbearable.

She added that the search for money has forced lots of women to do the unthinkable just to survive.

“You see, but I don’t blame women. Money can make you do anything. When you have the money, you can do anything. I don’t blame women, money is the root of all evil ampa”

Sista Afia then revealed that she does not mind sharing her sugar daddy with other ladies provided the man treats her better.

In her words,

“Papa No if you come and then you are being a good boy, we can be good together. Yeah, we are good together. You know, when you are doing something you let me know. I’m cool”

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