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NSMQ 2023: OWASS qualifies for semi-finals after a nail-biting contest against Osei Tutu

Opoku Ware School (OWASS) survived the close contest that nearly ended their 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) journey, on Monday.

OWASS narrowly escaped a potentially devastating defeat during the thrilling quarter-final match, which had the Kumasi-based institution against formidable rivals, Osei Tutu SHS and St John’s School.

In the initial round, OWASS confidently amassed 33 points, securing a commanding 15-point lead over Osei Tutu, who lagged behind with 18 points. 

The odds appeared to favour OWASS at this stage but nothing is ever certain in NSMQ and the rest of the contest proved so.

The second round witnessed a twist as OWASS managed to add a mere two points to their tally, while Osei Tutu sought to narrow the gap, accumulating 24 points in their quest.

By the onset of the third round, OWASS found themselves unable to score any points in the challenging problem of the day segment, but, fortunately, neither did their opponents.

The fourth round brought further challenges for OWASS, as they could only secure 39 points, while Osei Tutu closed in on them, increasing their score from 24 to 37 points.

The tension escalated in the deciding round, with both contestants and their supporters on the edge of their seats, fervently invoking divine intervention for a miraculous outcome.

Perhaps it was Osei Tutu’s prayers that were answered first, as they had accumulated 43 points just before the final riddle, edging ahead of OWASS, who had 42 points.

The last riddle became a do-or-die moment. Regrettably for Osei Tutu, their eagerness to answer first, and thus secure full points, may have ultimately played against them. 

This critical misstep granted OWASS the opportunity to tackle the riddle on their next attempt, clinching a total of 45 points and emerging as the victors of the contest.

The remaining two contests on Monday afternoon will decide which school joins OWASS for the semi-final match.

Meanwhile, despite the loss, Osei Tutu and St John’s have earned themselves an automatic qualification for next year’s edition.

The 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz is produced by Primetime Limited and sponsored by the Ghana Education Service is in partnership with Goil PLC and supported by A.T, Prudential Life Insurance Ghana, and Pepsodent.

The broadcast of the National Science and Maths Quiz on JoyNews and Joy Prime is supported by Vitamilk, NASCO, German Ozone Medical Center, Royal Foam, Jamaa Soap, Heritage Christian College, Virtual Security Africa, Ace Medical Insurance, Chopbox Technologies, Sintex Tank, DBS, New Crystal Health Services, INVEST CORP, Built Financial Technologies, Beta Malt, Bright SHS Kukurantumi and Family Health University College.

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