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Prophet Kofi Oduro exposes Moesha Boduong

Ghanaian socialite Moesha Boduong, who is currently suffering from a stroke and is in the hospital, has been the target of harsh criticism ever since word of her condition spread.

The most recent person to criticize Moesha Boduong is Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder of Alabaster Ministries, who said that she is reaping the consequences of her actions.

He clarified that although Moesha was known for showing off her buttocks and putting people under pressure when she was a slay queen, she had anticipated a day like this, where she would be lying in bed and pleading with people for assistance.

Prophet Kofi Oduro claimed in a widely shared video that the actress is bedridden as a result of having accepted money for sex from married men.

The speech was given in front of his congregation. He asserts that not every married woman has the potential for a sidekick to kidnap her husband or steal money from him and escape punishment.

He asserts that the majority of these women, in addition to turning to fetish priests for spiritual support, occasionally have a covenant with God, so hurting them can get one into serious trouble.

He wondered why young women would be accepting money from men with whom they have no romantic feelings or whom they have no intention of marrying.

“That lady who has done her buttocks like a slay queen or something who has stroke, she never believed that she was going to be lying on the bed”, he said.

“When we talk listen, when we talk listen because it does not take long for a person to put themselves into trouble. There are some people that you may snatch their husbands but will never have peace. Because some of these women are convent a praying women. They have convenant with God. It is not any woman that you can snatch their husbands. It is not every husband we snatch. There are some husbands that one can snatch and go mad. Listen carefully”, he said.

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“You know you will not marry them so why are you collecting their mnoney. As a young lady if you know you will not marry the young man why”, he questioned.

“If i were the slay queens what i have gathered i would take it and change profession immediately”, he advised.

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