RE: Positive strides in welfare under Justin Kodua Frimpong’s leadership at NPP

Some concerned workers at the headquarters of the New Patriotic Party have expressed surprise at what they say is an attempt by the General Secretary of the party Justin Kodua Frimpong to downplay their concerns over his leadership and unfair treatment at the headquarters.

In a release, the group which has decided to operate anonymously for fear of victimisation, said “We have read with dismay on various online media platforms a publication from the General Secretary regarding improved welfare packages under the leadership of Justin Kodua Frimpong at the NPP Headquarters. Contrary to a poorly articulated rejoinder attempting to portray a positive image, it is imperative to set the record straight”.

The statement noted even though they acknowledge the right of the General Secretary to respond to their concerns in the media they find his approach politically and professionally problematic.

“While acknowledging the effort of the General Secretary to issue a rejoinder on staff welfare benefits, we believe that the action is both politically and professionally incorrect. The purported analysis, attributed to the Chief Scribe, lacks the intellectual competence expected from a General Secretary of such a distinguished party.

“Contrary to claims in the retort, an investigation into the statement issued on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, by the General Secretary reveals inaccuracies and a misleading presentation. The current leadership’s focus on welfare appears to be centred solely around the ten (10) elected officers, raising concerns among other staff members at the Party Headquarters. Staff at the party headquarters are yet to receive their salaries and freebies this follows the earlier release about the situation at the party headquarters.”

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According to the group, “There is growing dissatisfaction among staff members who question the chairman’s apparent disinterest in addressing the issues unfolding at the headquarters. A source at the headquarters expressed concerns about the General Secretary’s perceived arrogance, selfishness, and greed, prompting a call for a thorough examination of these matters.

“We believe leadership will ensure transparency and fairness in addressing welfare concerns and leadership dynamics within the party”.

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