Reactions as Asantewaa and her manager caught on camera getting ‘intimate’

TikTok star Asantewaa and her manager, Cassious, are always giving Ghanaians reasons to believe they are dating each other although Asantewaa is a married woman.

Their actions in the videos they post make it difficult to believe the relationship between them is strictly professional.

Once again, netizens have been served with something to talk about from their camp.

In this fresh clip that has raised eyebrows, Asantewaa clutched her manager to herself while expressing her undiluted love for him.

Ladipoe’s ‘Know You’ song which was purposely made for lovers to convey the love they share for each other was playing in the background.

Apparently, Asantewaa has indirectly revealed that she feels more comfortable around her manager than her husband reason she holds a lot of intimate conversations with him as compared to her partner.

Watch the video below:

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