Reactions as rare video of Yvonne Nelson’s mother surfaces

Some good news has finally surfaced surrounding the Yvonne Nelson and her mom saga.

Previously, reports said Yvonne Nelson’s mother had fallen sick and been hospitalized after suffering high blood pressure.

The pressure presumably comes from the content of her daughter’s own book, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’, in which the actress painted her mother as the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’.

Yvonne said her mother attempted aborting her before she was born and revealed she abused her throughout her childhood by telling her she’s a ‘mistake’ who should have never been born.

Worse was her revelation that her mother hid her father from her and kept giving her the names of different men as her father when they weren’t – that painted a picture of her mother as a ‘ho’ who doesn’t even know which man impregnated her!

It has also been revealed that mother and daughter have been estranged for over a year.

Recently, Yvonne’s mother’s reportedly got hospitalised due to high BP, but she’s apparently back on her feet now.

A netizen spotted her on her morning run and shared the post.

Check it out below

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