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Reverend Father caught in bed with assistant female pastor

A Reverend has been caught doing it with his assistant female pastor in Malawi

Reverend Godwin Maere of the Baptist Church in Malawi was caught in a very compromising position with his assistant female pastor from Mzimbi.

There was chaos after a Malawian pastor of the Baptist church , Godwin Maere, who is having an affair outside his marriage, had embarrassing pictures of himself with an unidentified female CCAP Reverend from Mzimba leaked.

The affair was revealed through the pictures circulating on social media showing the Reverend’s partner who was posing half n@Ked with Maere.

Details of what really triggered the pictures to be leaked are unknown.

However many social media commentators have already concluded that the two pastors slept together behind closed doors at the church conference.

Meanwhile angry social media users in Malawi are currently dragging him on some of his posts on Facebook as they question the leaked photo.

Below are the photos

post by: Collins for thedi

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