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Sam George praise Tracy Sarkcess, lambasts Yvonne Nelson over revelations in her book

While acknowledging the actress’s right to share her experiences, he questioned the extent to which the book presents a balanced narrative.

According to Sam George, despite Yvonne Nelson’s bold attempt, “certain things ought to remain private”.

The lawmaker did not delve into specific details about the book or the aspects he found lacking. However, his comments were centered around the allegations of Yvonne Nelson abortion claims.

He also lauded Sarkodie’s wife Tracy and her demeanor in the light of this matter.

According to him , her commentary on the matter has made him understand why Sarkodie stuck with her for all these years.

Nelson’s memoir, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,’ has gained significant attention since its release, with readers eager to gain insight into the actress’s life and experiences. While some have praised her for being courageous and open in sharing her story, others have raised questions about the book’s potential biases or omissions.

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