Sefa Kayi’s daughter shuts down the internet with saucy photos

Fafa Yawa Kayi, the first daughter of renowned journalist Kwami Sefa Kayi, has posted new photos on social media.

Fafa, the daughter of Sefa Kayi and ace actress Irene Opare, showed off her soft side in the photos.

The photos sighted on her Instagram page of the 23-year-old showed her hitting the beach to have some fun.

Fafa wore a pink top over a blue jeans skirt, slippers, and black sunglasses for a laid-back look.

The young lady in the first photograph was standing on the beach’s shore. She raised her left hand and made the air sign with two fingers.

While the first photo was a full-body shot of her, the second was a close-up, and the third was a turnaround to show her back.

She combined her photos with memes.

Fafa did not say much when she shared the photo, other than a few emojis.

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