Serwaa Broni resurfaces after Hopeson Adorye arrest

Evelyn Serwaa Broni, President Nana Akufo Addo’s claimed ex-girlfriend, has said that Hopeson Adorye’s detention is only the beginning of what is ahead for him.

Yesterday, news spread that Hopeson Adorye had been detained for making a dynamite radio comment a few weeks ago.

During the conversation, he confessed that he and others brought dynamite to the Volta region to prevent people from voting.

Many people asked for his arrest, but nothing happened until yesterday, when he was invited and arrested.

After his detention, the information was relayed to Serwaa Broni, who responded by saying, “He hasn’t seen anything yet.”

A few years back, Serwaa Broni accused Hopeson Adorye and President Nana Addo of a number of things.

During that time, she claimed that Hopeson Adorye was the one who introduced her to the President, and that he was aware of all that happened between them.

Despite Serwaa Broni’s charges against him, Hopeson remained silent, but subsequently stated that Serwaa Broni would come begging if he spoke up.

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