Serwaa Prikels and Maxwell Mensah dating allegedly official after McBrown squashed cheating rumours

A source has alleged that Nana Ama McBrown’s husband, Maxwell Mensah, and his alleged side chick are now even more brazen than ever in their relationship.

Recent weeks have been filled with stories alleging that McBrown’s husband, Maxwell, is cheating on her.

The rumors started after his alleged side chick, Serwaa Prikels’ own baby daddy, exposed them.

They were later intensified by tabloid reports and even forced Nana Ama to address them, denying nothing is going on in her marriage.

McBrown and Maxwell also released a PR video showing them in town having a good time.

Now blogger thoscalledcelebs alleges McBrown squashing the rumours has rather made things worse as her husband and his sidechick are now flaunting their love publicly.

In a cryptic post, she told the story of how she was once attempting to snatch a married man from his wife.

She claims after the wife came to quash rumours of her husband cheating, she was emboldened even more and was now moving with the man in the open and making no effort to hide their relationship.

The message was clear – Maxwell and Serwaa are now even more brazen and enjoying their relationship – allegedly.

Check out the post below…


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