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Sex increases human lifespan – Doctor

A medical practitioner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nature’s Green Medical centre Dr. Richard Egan has indicated that sex is a good physical activity.

He indicates that apart from pleasure, sex helps improve the system of people who engage in the act.

Dr. Egan who was speaking on Accra-based OKAY FM indicated that it’s vital that people engage in sex because it improves the heart’s health and also increases the human life span.

“If you engage in good sex, it helps your cardiovascular, it helps in your muscle and also increases your lifespan.”

He indicated that sex is supposed to be enjoyed and not be painful like most people make it feel.

Dr. Egan said men who are very active in bed are skillful people and not people who take some concoctions in order to last for several hours just to subject a lady to pain.

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