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Similar Characteristics of Ghanaian Fathers

This post is for you if you’ve ever wondered what fathers in Ghana are like. These fathers are generally the ones that consume a diet higher in meat than their kids do. This is the standard across the country, so don’t even ask me questions about it. Because they are the ones supporting the family, even if they are only supporting themselves, fathers will keep all the meat for themselves. There are times when the kids’ meals hardly contain any meat.

Rather than providing for the needs of their wife and kids, they are more prone to spend money on themselves. Yes, that is real; we have all witnessed it. They only buy new stuff for their kids on holidays or when school resumes, but they will buy everything they want for themselves whenever they want, and since it is their money, there is nothing anybody can do about it.

They tend to establish gender roles in the home more frequently. Typically, they show themselves without their children because they entrust their spouses with the responsibility of looking after them. Dads rarely ever spend time with their kids, and the majority of them don’t even know what their kids are like. The motherlove pot is brewed since the children spend most of their time with their moms. As they become older, the kids credit their moms for helping them succeed, and they always want to make her proud in the future.

People in Ghana hardly mention Father’s Day because they prioritize celebrating Mother’s Day. Most individuals in Ghanaian society grow up with their fathers, but deep down, they don’t feel any connection to them. How recently have you heard someone discuss wanting to make their father proud? This only occurs when the child was reared without a mother.

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I would also want to mention that they believe they are always correct. You are aware of the morals issue in our culture, but dads, with their sense of entitlement and self-righteousness, tend to take it too far. The least you do is question them; the least you do is create battle lines or perhaps remind you of how much they have invested in you, which is really depressing.

We questioned a little American girl about her connection with her father in the meanwhile, and she gave us a lot of lovely answers. My father and I went ball playing. With my father, I boxed. My dad and I rode bikes together. I discussed technology with my dad. My dad and I studied music together. It was my father who taught me how to sketch. I haven’t yet acknowledged my father for influencing many of the things I do today.

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