Social media in chaos as Xandy Kamel attempts to suck a man’s joystick on live TV

Zandy Kamel, who is looking for a famous actress, has done it again. Now I’m about to suck cock with a male guest on a live TV show.

Zandi Kamel made headlines recently when she was repeatedly insulted by Ghanaians after she intentionally removed her pants on a live Kofi TV show hosted by Kofi Adma.

But by all appearances, the shameless actress has learned no lesson from the violent insults the Ghanaians hurled at her and Kofi Adma after her televised misdeeds, and she feels no sense. It seems not.

In a video spotted by DailyNewsGhana.com, Kumawood actress Zandi Kamel tries to show off her cock sucking skills by having a male guest take off her pants on her live broadcast.

In the video, a gentleman is seen trying to unzip and put a “Coty Stick” into Zandy’s mouth, and the actress orders the gentleman to face the camera before attending the demonstration.

Watch the video below:


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