This young man shocks national Chief Imam and the Prez of Tijaniya

Ali Jalal, a talented artist from Atebubu in the Bono-East region was fortunate to gift a beautiful portrait of the National Chief Imam and the president of Tijaniya, Ghana at the 55th Annual Maulud in Ashanti Region, Kumasi.

The portraits were presented during the celebration of Ashanti Regional Maulud Nabiu on January 6 to 7, 2023, an annual Islamic event to observe the birth of Prophet Mohammed.

The portrait of Sheik Abdul Wadud Harun Ciessey(The president of Tijaniya Ghana)’s was given to him, After Hailala on Friday night, January 6, 2023, whilst Sheik Osman Nuhu Sharubutu(The national chief Imam)’s was presented on January 8, 2023, via The President of Tijaniya, Nigeria.

The Atebubu-born Craftee was laureled and blessed by Chief Imam, after the presentation

The young ones were encouraged to always concentrate on their talent given to them by the Almighty Allah.

Jalal is an award winner of Best Paint and Pencil Student at the ASHBA Awards and Ghana Colleges Awards, 2021.

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