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UDS student attacked for trolling Regional Minister on Facebook

Police in the Northern Region are looking into an alleged assault on a University for Development Studies student who is female (UDS).

Due to a comment the student made in response to another comment on Radio Tamale’s Facebook post, she was assaulted.

The Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON) of Tamale Technical University is reportedly led by Sayiby Afa Yaba. According to reports, he criticized the minister for the northern region’s dress, Shani Alhassan Shaibu, for it when the president arrived in the area on a visit.

“I want to believe that our Northern Regional Minister didn’t bath before he came out,” Sayiby Afa Yaba wrote.

The female student responded that the comments on the post were in bad taste.

“So we [have] all these people in this country. Such a loss [loose] talk. Nonsense,” she commented.

According to JoyNews sources, the woman was thereafter attacked by two unidentified individuals who questioned her decision to leave a comment beneath Afa Yaba’s article.

As a result, according to information obtained by JoyNews, Afa Yaba was detained by the police in connection with the assault on the female student.

At the police command, someone reported the case on behalf of the female student, according to JoyNews sources.

The victim, a female student, is currently receiving medical care for her wounds at the SDA Hospital.

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